Helping local businesses stand out from the competition


  • Capture the Right Demographic to Grow Your Revenue
  • Our coffee/bagel shops provide an active and affluent audience with strong spending power and a high discretionary income.

  • Reach a Receptive Audience Delivering High Recall
  • Engaging ads shown with compelling, localized content provide relevant content, and keep the viewer’s attention on the screen.

  • Target Consumers Where You Do Business
  • Reach consumers in just the areas needed by combining highly desirable retail store locations into community based, geographically targeted areas designed to match your business’ exact trade area.

  • Big Screen Impact
  • A BIG screen running BIG eye catching ads catches consumer attention. Combined with low ad clutter and an exclusive environment, our program delivers advertisers an incredibly high net ad awareness of 53%

  • Communicate With Consumers in “Purchasing Mode”
  • Reach a sizable number of consumers in close proximity to your business, in a captive environment, where they are On The Go and in a position to take action.

  • Gain Competitive Advantage for Your Business
  • Reach your target consumer with a high quality digital display ad that is not competing with other ads for attention.

  • Experience the Media That Communicates Directly With Local Customers
  • Declining newspaper readership, growing TV DVR penetration, audiences’ channel surfing, and increasing fragmentation across hundreds of channels is making it costly and difficult for local businesses to accumulate the eyeballs needed in their primary geographically targeted areas to grow their business.

Advertising Production Excellence

  • Our Artists exclusively produce eye-catching digital animated ads designed for the BIG SCREEN

  • Each Ad is custom designed for every Advertising Sponsor regardless of the size of their business…And, we do it very cost effectively

  • See for yourself – just click here: PlayPlay


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